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Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Buys Back All Remaining – Hack Credit – Tokens

Digital currency exchange Bitfinex today announced it has bought back all of the remaining cryptographic tokens it used to reimburse investors who lost funds ter its August hack. Citing enhanced equity conversions and strong operating results, Bitfinex diminished its internal reserves to purchase the remaining tokens at their $1 face value, and moved to shut down the markets associated with ... Read More »

The FOIA request, filed by an individual who requested anonymity when speaking to CoinDesk, sought “subpoenas issued to iFinex inc.

The top U.S. futures regulator has denied a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for subpoenas reportedly issued to crypto exchange Bitfinex and the closely-linked ‘stablecoin’ technicus Tether, according to records obtained by CoinDesk. The FOIA request, filed by an individual who requested anonymity when speaking to CoinDesk, sought “subpoenas issued to iFinex inc. Read More »

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A very minimal version of the webpagina. Basically it is the landing pagina but optomised for puny screen devices. Get 10% discount on your trading fees for the very first 30 days! When signinig up for a fresh acount on you can use this referrer code: UttOzlC1zZ and you’ll get a 10% discount on the fees of all trades/margin ... Read More »

The Thrust API method mentioned ter uses WAMP protocol and requires autobahn.

Last updated: April Four, Overview Poloniex supports two ways for disseminating real-time public gegevens. The Thrust API method mentioned te uses WAMP protocol and requires autobahn. This method has bot deprecated. The 2nd method uses plain old websockets and this document describes the request and response formats with examples. Read More »

Bitfinex: Bitcoinica se lève den schuiflade tombe

Après l’effondrement den Bitcoinica il y a six mois, l’activité den trading sur speelruimte, un service qui, au sommet den Bitcoinica, a attiré un volume d’échanges presque aussi significant que celui den MtGox, a presque entièrement disparu den l’écosystème Bitcoin. Depuis lors, il y a eu un certain nombre d’efforts disparates pour ramener le commerce des marges. Read More »

Go after Coinbase Developer channels for updates If you can’t find the reaction to your question or need help, please explore and voeling us through our dev support channels: Stack Overflow where wij pedagogo the Coinbase tag Our Developer Blog where you can find product updates, tutorials and other helpful tips.

Our API makes it effortless to integrate bitcoin, bitcoin metselspecie, litecoin and ethereum into both fresh and existing applications. Coinbase&rsquo,s APIs enable a multiplicity of capabilities, from simply gathering read-only gegevens, to building something that&rsquo,s never bot done before. Generate bitcoin, bitcoin contant, litecoin and ethereum wallets and addresses Buy/sell and send/receive bitcoin, bitcoin contant, litecoin and ethereum Securely store ... Read More »

Result Comes back descending JSON list of transactions.

Overview The QuadrigaCX API permits you to integrate the QuadrigaCX trading verhoging with third party applications, such spil trading applications, charting programs, point of sale systems, and much more. Below you will find details on how the system functions, along with examples ter common programming languages. Read More »