1. bitfinex is back , but i heard some strange news that its better to withdraw money from it to be at safe for some months, because tether can scam and you can lose some money , something like that.

  2. At mij all spil does not work bitfinex, can be finite it and works at whom nibud, but at mij still is not present. Very strange of course, it’s more like they were hacked, but most likely I’m just mistaken.

  3. bitfinex is the best exchange for mij. have many altcoin and fresh ICO on it. better than bittrex and poloniex (which never update fresh coin)

  4. Nothing is wrong with bitfinex, I trade on bitfinex all the time. The rumours and it’s effect ter cryptocurrency could be massive. If you don’t know what you are doing te this space one could lightly be derail.

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