Bitfinex Bitfinex ensures their high frequency trading verhoging is spil prompt spil possible with Cloudflare’s Stream Balancing.

Bitfinex Bitfinex ensures their high frequency trading verhoging is spil prompt spil possible with Cloudflare’s Stream Balancing.

Bitfinex ensures their high frequency trading toneelpodium is spil rapid spil possible with Cloudflare’s Explosion Balancing.

Bitfinex is the world’s largest and most advanced bitcoin trading verhoging. Suggesting a full-featured spot trading podium for the major cryptocurrencies such spil bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero, zcash, and more, hundreds of millions ter transaction volume go through Bitfinex’s podium every month (almost $735mm te transaction volume te the 30 days up to March 1, ).

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Spil a high-frequency, financial trading verhoging, Bitfinex has two key priorities: speed and security. Speed is crucial for Bitfinex users because they need to have the latest cryptocurrency prices available to rapidly trade across the day. To ensure users get this information, Bitfinex is focussed on providing the fastest User Interface possible. To do so, Bitfinex set up a series of distributed front-end servers, which act spil a user’s very first point of voeling with their toneel. However, this solution lead Bitfinex to a different challenge: thesis frontend servers would at times get dazed by spikes te traffic, and spil a result, users would practice slow, degraded vertoning. Bitfinex thus needed a way to evenly distribute traffic across thesis servers to avoid overcharge and ensure users were liking the fastest speeds possible.

Security is a onveranderlijk concentrate for any financial institution to ensure. For a web-based verhoging like Bitfinex, a breach ter security could mean service down time, which is especially problematic for a high-frequency toneel. “Bitfinex is a very available, high frequency trading podium,” explained Adam Chamely, Developer at Bitfinex. “ If customers can’t access our toneel, they can’t trade. If they can’t trade on our verhoging, they’ll go elsewhere, wij lose them spil a customer and wij lose their trading volume, which puts us ter a worse position and means wij could lose even more.” Bitfinex had engaged a previous security provider, but wasgoed beginning to grow frustrated with a permanently switching pricing structure.

“I’ve known about Cloudflare for fairly a while, and other team members had used the service, so wij determined to see if they could help solve our challenge,” said Chamely. “We considered rolling out our own solution, but at the end of the day Cloudflare’s solution wasgoed more attractive: an existing podium that worked and permitted us to concentrate on developing our own offerings instead of reinventing the wheel.”

Bitfinex now uses Cloudflare’s Fountain Balancing to intelligently distribute traffic across their front-end servers. Chamely noted, “We use Cloudflare Explosion Balancing to split up traffic among our front-end servers to increase our network capacity and ensure thesis servers are healthy. Wij also appreciate that Failover seamlessly routes traffic to a healthy server ter case that server goes offline. Both of thesis ensure the high availability and uptime wij need te our verhoging.”

Bitfinex also now loves security from Cloudflare’s advanced suite of security features. With IP reputation gegevens from overheen 7 million sites on its network, Cloudflare’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) blocks malicious requests from touching Bitfinex’s servers. Furthermore, Cloudflare’s best-in-class DDoS protection ensures that Bitfinex’s toneelpodium is protected from even the largest DDoS attacks on the internet. This protection gives Bitfinex peace-of-mind, and ensures their customers don’t have to worry about the toneelpodium being unavailable or compromised.

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