1. A good exchange should be always translucent to their user whatever happens.bitfinex is one of the good exchange but for mij even you use a very fine or very secure exchanger its always your job to secure yours assets.Never stock your your assets inwards the exchanger specially if your not a daily trader.Its just for your own safety spil well.

  2. But anyway I doubt if I am everzwijn going to use bitfinex again.

  3. Good news! I expected this because I believe that the bitfinex has a future. It’s worth paying attention to this

  4. Good to see! I know alot of people were worried about this. Rumors were going around that bitfinex wasgoed hacked. Personally I didn’t believe it, but you know how thesis rumors get around so quickly. So glad to see that they’re wrapping it up. I also feel bad for those who had their funds or anything else tied up on bitfinex during this process!

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