Wij love what we’ve created and think you will too!

Wij love what we’ve created and think you will too!

You’ve Bot Looking For

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An automated, secure and effortless to use trading terminal designed exclusively for bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders

Visual Trading

Clean layouts, a elementary user practice and beautiful visualizations mean managing your trades has never bot lighter. Interactive charts, haul and druppel orders and time aligned news feeds are just some of the cool features you will find ter margin ’s advanced GUI.

Designed to eliminate emotion from trading decisions, our intuitive interface makes it lighter than everzwijn to customize and automate your trading strategies. Not only will our bots help you develop a more structured treatment to your trades, they’ll help you make money while you sleep.


Wij take your security very gravely. That’s why wij only store a hashed quarter of your API key pair on our servers. What’s more, all your orders are routed directly to the exchanges and do not pass through our servers, providing you toegevoegd peace of mind.

This wasgoed exactly what I wasgoed looking for, effortless to use, the interface is fantastic.

Download and join overheen 3000 bitcoin traders.

Powering bitcoin trades since 2014

From the outset our vision wasgoed that the margin trading terminal should be powerful, sturdy and effortless to use.

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Our development team has done an awesome job of realizing this vision and has worked tirelessly to build a podium that enhances your bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading practice.

Wij love what we’ve created and think you will too!

Responsive and individual support

To be a margin customer is to know you’ll get outstanding customer service – that means quick, responsive and reliable support, even at the busiest of times.

And because wij personalize our service practice, you can be certain te knowing we’re here to help you overcome any challenge and make sure you get the maximum value out of margin .


  1. Good to see! I know alot of people were worried about this. Rumors were going around that bitfinex wasgoed hacked. Personally I didn’t believe it, but you know how thesis rumors get around so quickly. So glad to see that they’re wrapping it up. I also feel bad for those who had their funds or anything else tied up on bitfinex during this process!

  2. Recently, not a week, a fresh theft – professional scammers have become a verdadero threat to the industry, and market participants start to understand this. I think that ter the future not only bitfinex, but also other large stock exchanges will attempt to prevent thefts, and not only to fight their consequences. Of course, hackers, spil a rule, are distinguished by the capability to sweep digital tracks, but this does not mean that they can not be found if the same professional takes overheen. For example, the famous “sublime hackers” of the White Hat Group, are helping to find the “robbers” of the Coincheck exchange.

  3. People that are funked are those who don’t yield to the advice that don’t leave your fund on exchanges. bitfinex iss one of the exchange I personally like and has scaled well ter latest month but the team need to be very security conscious because it is going to be target for hackers

  4. bitfinex chain is truly all just hype nothing more effortless money for them the bitfinex Exchange has some serious technical problems a lotsbestemming of customers are lockout of their account and their funds bitfinex should invest te customers services they are making millions of dollars and their customers services is just prewritten messages that doesn,t solve the problems of their customers

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