CFI) – ICO rating and details, ICObench

CFI) – ICO rating and details, ICObench

A distributed VC ecosystem for the future is a distributed completo podium that connects exceptional startups, experts and investors worldwide. It will very first be built by the blockchain community for the blockchain community .


Superb ideas come from the most unexpected places. Until now, excellent ideas had an advantage when born te Silicon Valley. Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon all benefited from being te the right place and reaching the right people. The distributed economy will switch this for blockchain startups.

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Wij have bot working hard for months to find the best experts and exceptional entrepreneurs who just need a bit of reserve help to reach their utter potential. With your support, wij will be able to showcase thesis hand-picked projects to visionary volgers like yourself.

But this is just the beginning for

Today, is a self-sustained business consultancy, focusing on carefully-selected projects. But just spil wij know that good ideas can come from anywhere, wij also know there are many experts all overheen the world that can help good ideas grow into exceptional businesses. That is why our ultimate aim is to build a podium where hundreds of thousands of the best startups go to expand their potential and find investment. A podium where millions of experts with proven track records suggest their expertise. And a toneelpodium where ems of millions of investors go to find the best projects to support without worrying about their legitimacy.

Te doing so, will become one of the platforms that will corset the disruptive power of the blockchain and translate the logic of interactions into successfully distributed business models that form the future.

A distributed VC ecosystem for the distributed future.

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This is our vision. Wij have commenced building it by forming a network of exceptional advisors like William Mougayar, Evan Van Ness, Vincent Eli and David Prais and exceptional vrouwen like Deloitte and Wachsman PR. Wij&rsquo,re permanently adding good experts to our network and have selected the very first amazing projects to presentación on ter the coming weeks. is using the concepts, support, terugkoppeling and funding of the blockchain&rsquo,s early adopters. will very first be built by the blockchain community for the blockchain community &mdash, and then for the entire world.

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Podium that connects you to teams that have trained to become serious blockchain businesses


  1. albeit they tweeted they are up and running still nothing for mij. who can login and who can use gunbot?

  2. This is good news to all bitfinex users. The pauze wasgoed causing some zuigeling of puinhoop. bitfinex remains best!

  3. bitfinex is the best exchange for mij. have many altcoin and fresh ICO on it. better than bittrex and poloniex (which never update fresh coin)

  4. I like bitfinex, but they had very high fees for withdraw. That’s sad.

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