Bitfinex Denies Listing Venezuela’s Petro Anytime Soon – The Bitcoin News

Bitfinex Denies Listing Venezuela’s Petro Anytime Soon – The Bitcoin News

Bitfinex, the world&rsquo,s largest Bitcoin exchange by trading &lrm,volume, said it would not be updating its list of cryptocurrencies on suggest to add Venezuela&rsquo,s freshly released cryptocurrency, the petro.&lrm,

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&lrm, Ter its blog postbode explaining the decision, Bitfinex&lrm, pointed to Donald Trump&rsquo,s executive order which prohibits U.S. citizens from engaging ter &lrm,transactions using the oil-backed digital currency.

Bitfinex&lrm, explained that spil of the date of this statement, it had no &ldquo,plans to include the PTR or similar tokens te the Bitfinex &lrm,trading verhoging.&rdquo,

Bitfinex said that it would always consider elements such spil liquidity and security when &lrm,evaluating possible inclusions. The popular crypto exchange has also barred its contractors and employees from buying, selling, trading and transacting te any way with the PTR, effective instantly.

&ldquo,&lrm,This confinement extends to all customers of the podium, &lrm,including U.S. persons, and to all activities on Bitfinex, including deposits, &lrm,financing, trading, and withdrawals,&rdquo, it further stated.

Ter spite of the attention-grabbing headlines, Venezuela&rsquo,s &lrm,fresh cryptocurrency has succesnummer another snag last week, spil the &lrm,U.S. authorities are merienda more sounding the bell &lrm,to remind the country&rsquo,s investors about the sanctions that &lrm,it &lrm,maintains on the South American country.&lrm,

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The decision pretty much kroegen all people and companies subject to US jurisdiction from touching the newly-issued &lrm,supuesto coin &lrm,since it constitutes, ter essence, a government debt &lrm,issuance.&lrm, Trump has authorized Treasury &lrm,Department to kwestie any necessary regulations to enforce his order.&lrm,

Ter the meantime, some analysts argue the vast majority &lrm,of perto frenzyis either a scam or far too ambitious for &lrm,their own good.

Earlier ter December, the CFTC ordered Bitfinex to &lrm,provide more information about Tethers, &lrm,which are tokens &lrm,backed by US dollar deposits, with each &lrm,token always &lrm,worth one dollar, spil the two entities share the &lrm,same CEO, &lrm,Jan Ludovicus van der Velde.&lrm,


  1. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of bitfinex, called the budge the platform’s “next big step” te its entero expansion strategy.

  2. Right now they’re not compelled to share any gegevens with any government. Imagine an exchange from Japan sharing gegevens of Greek citizens having account with the greek government. Not very likely, right. Also some of them like bitfinex have no verifications if you withdraw daily up to Two BTC (or its omschrijving) so I don’t see many people withdrawing more daily.

  3. So, bitfinex announced a prize of $ 250,000 for information that will help catch hackers who on March 7 unsuccessfully attempted to steal money from users of the popular trading bot. The exchange did not zekering there, and determined to allocate another $ Ten million for awards for help te preventing such incidents ter the future.

  4. Recently I wasgoed already analyzing the situation with the cracking of the trading bot bitfinex, and here just fresh news wasgoed delivered.

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