Bitcoin cross trading from Bitstamp to Bitfinex – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

Bitcoin cross trading from Bitstamp to Bitfinex – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

Nobody knows whether Bitfinex is insolvent or not. Spil a result, dollars at Bitfinex are worth less than dollars at other exchanges. This accounts for the price difference you see. To exploit this difference, you would have to send dollars to Bitfinex and directive them to make what show up to be fraudulent transfers on your behalf.

See this article for more details. Some excerpts:

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Bitfinex has imposed a haircut on all of their depositors.

For those whose deposits were not held te segregated accounts, there is no question that the deposits constituted militar obligations, payable on request, on the part of Bitfinex. To justify making anything less than a total payment on a militar obligation that is payable on request, a company would have to be insolvent or illiquid.

By definition, if you don’t have sufficient assets to make the payments you are obligated to make, you are insolvent. There’s no reason to think Bitfinex has assets that are not liquid. They imposed a haircut because they don’t have assets to voorkant the funds their depositors have every right to request from them. They are insolvent.

When you deposit funds at Bitfinex, they have your funds. You have a promise that they will repay you the funds you deposited. But you’re just another creditor on their list of creditors. You get funds if they have them and not if they don’t. Your deposit is another normal obligation of Bitfinex, a company that is insolvent.

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An insolvent company cannot make total payment to a junior creditor without court approval (or consent of all their creditors) — such a transfer would be fraudulent. Wij know Bitfinex has not gone to court spil they would have to have given notice. When you deposit money at Bitfinex, you become a junior creditor. When you directive a trade or withdrawal, you are commanding utter repayment of yourself, that is, you are ordering them to make a fraudulent transfer on your behalf.

Fraudulent transfers are subject to clawback. That is, if you trade at Bitfinex, you may eventually get a letterteken from a trustee or receiver requesting you repay the money you made or even the utter value of the assets you withdrew.


  1. I’m very glad that bitfinex is working again. During thesis few days I had already mentally said goodbye to my savings. But thank Godheid everything ended well and i can proceed to work calmly.

  2. Just came te here to demonstrate thesis people that their efforts are and will proceed to be rewarded. Wij need more exchanges like bitfinex.

  3. It is still down but they keep us updated on their twitter every now and then so that’s reassuring.

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